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Connecting at Dulles International Airport

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Dulles International Airport (IAD): A Global Hub for All

United’s hub at Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) boasts one of the best on-time performance metrics of any airport in the Northeast. Owned and operated by Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, Washington Dulles strives to make your trip pleasant, comfortable, and efficient in coordination with United Airlines. With over 50 years of serving the capital region, Washington Dulles offers access to downtown Washington, D.C. as well as vast connections to more than 80 domestic and 50 international destinations globally. Washington Dulles is well suited for the future with ample passenger capacity, expanding infrastructure to the heart of the nation’s capital and newly upgraded customer facilities. Washington Dulles’ enhanced cleaning measures provide a healthy environment to all passengers ensuring your next trip is as safe as possible.

There are three United clubs located in Concourse C and one located in Concourse D for authorized United customers to utilize. Flights into Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) typically park at a gate in the A Concourse. Once on the ground, the AeroTrain or Shuttle can easily assist you in making it to a connecting gate if your next flight departs out of another concourse.

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Experience for yourself why Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) is the perfect connecting airport choice for your next trip.

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Connecting with Ease through Dulles International Airport (IAD)

Connecting through a large hub may cause apprehension the first time, but it does not have to. With our easy to navigate instructions that you can take with you and contained within this section (Dulles Rack Card), your connecting flight worries just disappeared.

Flights between Presque Isle and Washington Dulles typically depart and arrive from Concourse A. United mainline flights operate to and from Concourse C and D while United Express (regional flights) typically depart from Concourse A too.

When you land at Washington Dulles, be sure to check the United monitors, which list flights alphabetically by destination, for the gate number of your connecting flight. There could be more than one flight to your connecting city, so cross-reference the flight number on your boarding pass. When in doubt, ask a gate agent.

It’s important to note you do not need to re-clear security to travel between Terminal A and Terminal C. United even operates a frequent shuttle between the terminals to assist customers in transferring terminals.

There are a number of transportation options between terminals to aid in transferring. Follow the signs for Shuttles and/or AeroTrain within the Concourse you arrive at.

One-Stop Connections Available on United Airlines

With United Airlines’ flights to Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD), the opportunities for easy one-stop connections to the world is greater than ever before. The hard part will be deciding where to go first. Book your United Airlines flight from PQI at today.