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Flying is much more than the cost of a plane ticket. The amount of time you spend driving to an airport, parking in the parking lot, and the “hassle” factor all add up to the total travel cost. While calculating the “hassle” factor may not be objective, mileage, parking fees, and, of course, airfare are.

See for yourself how much you could save when you fly from Presque Isle International Airport (PQI). Simply, enter the fare you have found from Presque Isle, add in the comparison airport airfare costs, insert the number of days you plan on parking at the airport, and let our calculator take care of the rest! Customize your results even more by adjusting the value of your time (based on your hourly rate), mileage rate, etc. Click on the calculator to adjust these values.

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Input Your Airfare
{{calculator.mileage * calculator.distances.your_airport | currency}} {{calculator.mileage * calculator.distances.second_airport | currency}} {{calculator.mileage * calculator.distances.third_airport | currency}} {{calculator.mileage * calculator.distances.fourth_airport | currency}} {{calculator.mileage * calculator.distances.fifth_airport | currency}}
Travel Time
{{calculator.hourly * calculator.times.your_airport | currency}} {{calculator.hourly * calculator.times.second_airport | currency}} {{calculator.hourly * calculator.times.third_airport | currency}} {{calculator.hourly * calculator.times.fourth_airport | currency}} {{calculator.hourly * calculator.times.fifth_airport | currency}}
1 Week Parking
{{calculator.parking.your_airport.calc | currency}} {{calculator.parking.second_airport.calc | currency}} {{calculator.parking.third_airport.calc | currency}} {{calculator.parking.fourth_airport.calc | currency}} {{calculator.parking.fifth_airport.calc | currency}}
Total Final Cost
{{'your_airport') | currency}} {{'second_airport') | currency}} {{'third_airport') | currency}} {{'fourth_airport') | currency}} {{'fifth_airport') | currency}}
Mileage based on {{calculator.distances.second_airport.toFixed(2)}} miles round-trip to {{calculator.labels.second_airport}}, {{calculator.distances.third_airport.toFixed(2)}} miles round-trip to {{calculator.labels.third_airport}}, {{calculator.distances.fourth_airport.toFixed(2)}} miles round-trip to {{calculator.labels.fourth_airport}}, and {{calculator.distances.fifth_airport.toFixed(2)}} miles round-trip to {{calculator.labels.fifth_airport}} at 2020 U.S. IRS Rate of {{calculator.mileage | currency : "$" : 3}}/mile. Travel time assumes speed limited and is an estimate as provided by Google Maps.
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