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Discover the real cost of travel.

Air travel is more than just airfare. Calculate what the real cost is with our Travel Cost Calculator by inputting a couple parameters unique to your situation. You might be surprised by how much flying from Presque Isle International Airport (PQI) can save you.

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{{'your_airport') | currency}} {{'second_airport') | currency}} {{'third_airport') | currency}} {{'fourth_airport') | currency}} {{'fifth_airport') | currency}}
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Welcome to Presque Isle International Airport

Experience beautiful Northern Maine with the help of the Presque Isle International Airport! Centrally located, the airport is the region’s premier aviation facility for commercial, corporate, and private travelers. Whether you’re coming to visit family and friends or you’re planning on exploring the great outdoors, Presque Isle International Airport is the perfect gateway. Escape the hustle and stress of urban life and discover for yourself what so many already know: visiting Maine will leave you breathless.

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