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Covid-19 TPA Ready

PQI Ready-to- Fly

The safety of all passengers and staff remains our top priority here at Presque Isle International Airport. We continue to follow the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as it relates to sanitizing high-touch, high-traffic areas. On an ongoing basis we are evaluating what best practices other airports are implementing across the Country to slow or stop the spread of COVID-19. Passenger care kits and the implementation of electrostatic sprayer technology are just two examples of the best practices found. The overall effort to implement the best-of-the-best is dubbed “PQI Ready-to-Fly”!
Presque Isle International Airport TPA Ready
Passenger Care Kit
Presque Isle International Airport TPA Ready
Electrostatic Sprayer

Health and Safety Partners

But with any great undertaking, it takes a team of great partners to succeed. United Airlines remains committed to your health and safety. With state of the art cleaning procedures in place, you can feel confident that your travel experience is as safe as can be. Learn more about their CleanPlus program at What to Expect

Presque Isle International Airport TPA ReadyPresque Isle International Airport TPA Ready

Not only is United ready to welcome you back, but Newark Liberty International Airport is too! Learn more about Newark Liberty's enhanced cleaning procedures designed to keep you safe while you travel, at Dulles Covid-19 Update and Newark Covid-19 Update.
Newark International Airport

Our local first responders and medical professionals are also very important partners in this fight against COVID-19. The results of their efforts are truly amazing. 

Testing Resources

    Northen Light A.R. Gould HospitalCary Medical Center    
Walgreens is offering Rapid Point of Care testing (Results in as little as 1 hour) at six locations throughout Aroostook County. To make an appointment, visit

Vaccination Resources

    Northen Light A.R. Gould HospitalCary Medical Center    

Pre-Arrival Information

Face Masks & Coverings


Effective Friday, July 24 at 8 a.m., face coverings are required for all passengers and guests. Face coverings must be worn while in the Airport Passenger Terminal in any capacity.
Arrive Early


Passengers should plan to arrive at the airport at least one hour and fifteen minutes before departure if checking bags or one hour if you just have a carry on to help prevent crowding caused by last-minute rushing before scheduled flights.
Limited Touchpoints


Travelers should use carry-on luggage and mobile boarding passes to limit touchpoints.
Airline Requirements


You will notice a new "Ready-to-fly" checklist the next time you check-in for your flight. It's an easy self-assessment tool and it's one of the many ways United is putting your health and safety at the forefront of travel. For more information, please visit

At the airport

PQI is taking the following health and safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19
Sanitation Measures Increased


PQI has expanded cleaning using cutting-edge disinfection applications such as electrostatic sprayers and products on surfaces, hand rails and adding more hand sanitizers throughout the Airport.
Acrylic Shields Installed


Plastic or acrylic shields have been installed in key high-traffic areas, including ticket counters, TSA security checkpoints, and boarding gates.
Face Masks And Coverings


Face masks are mandatory for all employees, passengers and guests in the Presque Isle International Airport Terminal. If you don't have a mask when you arrive, don't worry! Stop by and pickup one of our complementary passenger care kit at the United ticket counter.
Social Distancing Floor Markings


Ground markings and signs are in place to give guidance on six-foot distancing at ticket counters, boarding gates, concessions counters, and screening lines.
Seat Spacing


Seating has been reduced, blocked off or spaced apart in places like gate areas, dining areas, and Main Terminal greeting sections to promote distancing.

Frequently Asked Questions