General Aviation Information


The General Aviation Terminal exists to serve the needs of the corporate, private and commercial aviator 365 days a year. Attendants are on duty during the hours listed below and do all they can to accommodate any special requests. 

Phone: (207) 764-2555
Fax: (207) 764-4871
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150’ x 6000 Paved Runway
150' x 7440 Paved Runway
Full Instrument Landing System (ILS) to Runway 01
VOR/DME Approach to Runway 01 and 19

Clearance Delivery Frequency 121.6
Pilot Controlled Lighting Frequency 122.6
Local Advisory Frequency (UNICOM) 122.8
Air Traffic Control Frequency (Boston Center) 124.75
24 Hour Automated Weather Frequency (AWOS) 118.025


Winter Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday 5:30 AM – 8:30 PM
Saturday   Sunday 8:00 AM – 8:30 PM

Available 24 hours a day with call in and extra fee.

Quality Fuel Services
Through an exclusive agreement with AV Fuel as well as Type IV Fluid, we are able to consistently offer premium grade fuel. Proud to be an AV Fuel Aviation Products dealer, the Presque Isle International Airport is supported by AV Fuel solid technical and quality control programs and is able to deliver quality fuel services demanded by today’s aviation customers. Most major credit cards are accepted.

Services Offered
• Jet-A (Prist® injection available)
• 100 LL
• Ground Power (Hobart 600)
• Customs/Agricultural Clearance
• Aircraft Deicing (Type I Fluid & Type IV Fluid)
• Catering
• Preheats
• Heated Hangars (Door 80W x 27H)
• Car Rentals

Customs Services
With advanced notice, customs clearance is available around the clock for all aircraft carrying no more than 10 passengers. Inspectors will meet you at the General Aviation Terminal and process your flight efficiently and professionally. Agricultural clearance is also easily expedited as the airport is approved by the US Department of Agriculture to decater and dispose of galley waste. Arrangements may be made by contacting US Customs at (207) 473-7474 at least one hour prior to arrival.

Medical Assistance/Emergency Equipment
The Presque Isle International Airport has a state-of-the-art emergency response vehicle stationed at the airfield. Emergency response is provided by the City’s full-time fire department and Crown Ambulance services. Stand-by services can be prearranged by contacting airport management at (207) 764-2550 or (207) 764-2555. Emergency response may be summoned by contacting the emergency services dispatcher at (207) 768-7411. The Aroostook Medical Center, an 83 bed acute care hospital is located within 10 minutes of the airport.


Other Services
A variety of full-service maintenance, flight instruction and aircraft charter services are available at the airport through the following private operators:

M.S. Lavoie – Air Applicator
Aerial application specializing in the agriculture and forest industries.
(207) 551-3130


The staff at the Presque Isle International Airport is eager to meet your needs. You will find our pricing competitive, our scheduling flexible and our people friendly, helpful and accommodating. Please contact us if we can provide you with further information on the airport.